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Value Fixture Table - 2x3

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2X3 Value fixture table. Light weight, compact yet effective for fixtures and jigs. This table has a 2 inch on center hole pattern and is built from 3/16 mild steel along with a 2x2x.120 square tube frame and 5 inch standard casters. Perfect for small projects, garage, home and hobby use.  
  • Part Number: MS1900-ST2X3
  • 3/16 Mild Steel
  • 2 Feet Wide
  • 3 Feet Long
  • 36 Inches Tall
  • 5 Inch standard casters
  • 2 inch hole centers
  • 16MM holes
  • 3 Inch tall supports

 ** up to 1 week lead time to cut and assemble before pick up**